Useful Bowls – Blue Red


A deep blue toned red glaze adorns these bowls. Where the glaze was applied thickest the deeper the red appears, while thinner glazed areas are bright white. There are 3 of these bowls available, their sizes vary slightly, but they stack neatly together. Although small they are functional, food safe bowls that could be used to dessert or other small meals. Or as a decorative piece to store items such as jewellery.

Made from:
White Stoneware clay
Blue Red Glaze

Height: 6.5cm
Diameter: 12 – 12.5cm
Holds Approximately: 250 – 300ml
Dimensions may vary from piece to piece.

This product is:
Lead-free | Handwash | Food Safe

Suitable for: bowl, dinnerware
Not suitable for:

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