Pumpkin Open Ceramic Tea Light


Haunting stoneware pumpkins make spooky decorative tea light covers either for halloween or all year round. The flame light flickers out through the carved holes. These pumpkins sit over the top of a real or fake tea light candle. Safety warning: If using a real candle, please make sure the surface it sits on is not flammable or damaged by heat as there is no base for these pumpkins. If in doubt just use a fake candle, it will look just as pretty!

  • Made from: Stoneware clay Various glaze combinations
  • Size:┬áDimensions may vary from piece to piece
  • This product is: Lead-free | Handwash | Not Food Safe
  • Suitable for: Decoration, Tea Lights
  • Not suitable for: Dinnerware, Cup
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1 review for Pumpkin Open Ceramic Tea Light

  1. William Knight
    5 out of 5

    The ceramic pumpkin I was able to get is amazing. The glazing highlights the details of the pumpkin, which surely took time and patience to create. I chose design B for the sinister eyes. How these were made would make a great video, even how well they were packed to protect them would be a good video. Jodie thank you for sharing your art with us.

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