Talking K’eyush Plushie!


Have you ever wanted to cuddle K’eyush? Well now you can! Have your very own Key plushie to cuddle and boop his snoot to hear him speak! Complete with a voice box with 3 of his favourite phrases, in his own voice. He’s 25cm long, with custom painted eyes and the softest fluff! Limited stock available!
NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 3. Contains batteries and has hard eyes glass that could be a hazardous to babies.
Required batteries: LR44 AG13 cell batteries, which can easily be found on amazon.
INSTRUCTIONS: To activate the plushie’s voice box you need to first open the velcro belly and gently lift out the voice box. Be careful of the small wires connecting it to the button in the nose. There may be a small piece of plastic sticking out, this is deactivating the batteries. Pull this out and put the voice box back inside. To activate the voice, locate the small button in his nose, it is on the right side of his nose, just bellow the surface of the fur. You can feel it with your fingertips.
If no sound comes out when the nose button is pressed, take the voice box out again and remove the tiny screw holding the battery compartment closed and slide the small door down. You can now adjust or change the batteries. Sometimes the batteries get jostled out of position during delivery.

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